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A Truly Memorable Year

By Chief Executive, Philip Carling, 1981

It is a very real privilege to have the last word on truly memorable year for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club. I must add straightway my wholehearted congratulations to Ken Taylor, Clive Rice and all the players on a really magnificent effort in carrying off the Schweppes Championship. For the traditional cricket follower the County Championship remains the one to win and it certainly requires the hardest work over a long period of time.

To win the competition from the front for the last few weeks required professionalism of the best kind and speaks volumes for the determined and settled atmosphere Ken Taylor has created in the dressing room.

Nicest of all though, was the joy that the winning of a trophy brought to our members, in particular to those who have been with us for a very long time. Hopes were growing as the season progressed. The side seemed to play better as the pressure increased and the scenes in the pavilion at the end were wonderful. Developments off the field and improving facilities are important but it could not have been emphasised more clearly how much our success on the field meant to everybody.

Ken Taylor has pointed out already how much more difficult it will be from now on. We all hope the progress at Trent Bridge to date is only the beginning. Off the field we did not make as much progress in 1981 as I would have liked but this serves only to concentrate the mind and will make us work harder in the future. We will continue to have our ups and downs. Professional sport is about providing entertainment which I hope means winning in an attractive way.

We certainly wont win all the time but Ken Taylor will always try to provide attractive, entertaining cricket and with the whole heated support of our members we can maintain a Club of which we can be proud.