Trent Bridge / Library

The world’s third oldest test match venue.

Trent Bridge

Trent Bridge Library

Based in the Ticket Office building the Trent Bridge Library is home to the largest collection of Nottinghamshire cricket books, and second largest collection of cricket literature, in the world.

Taking up two floors packed with the history of the club, the library offers an unparalleled insight into the history of the club, its players and Trent Bridge itself. Whether it's a report on the club's 1903 season, or which player holds the record for the most catches by a single player in a single innings at Trent Bridge, curator Peter 'Wizz' Wynne Thomas is your man.

“I started the library by mistake,” he said.

“The club was donated a collection of 4,000 books from a man from Mansfield who had passed away.

“I agreed to come in and sort them out, and eventually ended up moving to within walking distance of the ground, and here I am.”

Holding the position since 1974, Wizz has been responsible for restoring, exploring and chronicling the club's history and he is widely considered one of the game's leading authorities. His reputation has travelled far, and he regularly receives requests from cricket fans across the globe.

I received a letter from New Zealand, who was writing a book tracing all of his family tree,” he said.

“There was a completely unknown relative, all they had was an envelope with his name addressed to ‘Walter Leivers, the Pavilion, Trent Bridge’.”

“Eventually, after some digging, we found out that he was the caretaker in the pavilion, the man who swept the floors.”

Of course, the library’s enviable collection deals with far more than just the history of Nottinghamshire’s cricket club…

“I’ve got people coming in this afternoon who have asked me to tell them about Truro Cricket Club,” said Wizz.

“I’m not quite sure why but they decided I was the man to give them the information they need.”