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1898 Team

The Committee's Report 1898

Your Committee in presenting the Annual Balance Sheet and Report for 1898, have pleasure in stating that the total income for the year was £3129 11s 9d and the total expenditure of £2808 5s 2d leaving a profit on the season's working of £321 6s 7d. This is felt to be highly satisfactory, taking into consideration the very unfortunate weather which prevailed at some of the most attractive Matches, the giving of half the Surrey Match proceeds to Attewell's Benefit Fund and the loss to the Club by the death of an unusual large number of old and valued Subscribers.

This profit has - with the £313 6s 8d balance in hand on January 1st 1898 - been expended on the structure erected on the north side of the Ground during last spring, a building which has been not only greatly appreciated by the general public, but has also provided the much-needed accommodation for the Telegraph service, the press and the Official Scorers.

In addition to these requirements it has also been provided a commodious room for the New Scoring Register, the handsome gift of Mr W W Hall the President of the Club for 1897. The above two items, with the balance of £130 3s 9d owing to the Bank accounts for the total cost of the Stand namely £764 17s. Your Committee felt, in incurring this expense, they were adding an ornament to the Ground in addition to the erection of a great utility and convenience.

The experience of the past year is also gratifying in the fact that the revival of public interest in the doings of the Club still continues an interest the Committee hope to see still further increased by the attractive programme of Matches arranged for the coming season.

Your Committee greatly appreciate the energy displayed by the Team in striving to place the Club in a higher position in the contest for the County Championship, efforts which met with a degree of success, for whereas the County was in the tenth position in 1897, it raised itself to eighth in 1898., and but for unfortunate weather and circumstances, doubtless some of the drawn Matches would have resulted in favour of the Club. Out of 17 matches played, one was won, two lost and 14 drawn. Four second-Class Matches were also played, of which one was won, one lost and two drawn.

The Committee has again, on behalf of themselves and the Club, to express their sincere thanks to Mr J. A. Dixon, not only for the admirable services rendered to the Club as Captain, but also for his untiring energies displayed in its interests generally.

Half the proceeds of the Match at Trent Bridge on Whit-Monday - Notts v Surrey - were devoted to W. Attewell, and but for the unfortunate weather which prevailed on the second and third days of the Match, a large sum would doubtless have been realised. As it was the share for Attewell amounted to £109 6s 11d, which was a generous amount of Subscriptions of over £800 added, amounted to £968 9s 3d, which sum has been duly paid over to Attewell. It is hoped that additional Subscriptions will be obtained to enable the amount to reach £1,000 and so make a record in Notts Benefits, on behalf of a cricketer so well worthy of it. This Benefit completes the series agreed upon some years since , and so the question of Benefits in general will probably be raised shortly for consideration by the whole of the Counties, it remains for the future to decide in which manner cricketers will reap the reward their services.

As  Easter falls unusually early this year, the Committee have departed from the long-established precedent, and decided to play the Annual Colts match on the last Monday and Tuesday in April in the hope that the weather may then be more favourable, and the Colts have the advantage of a longer time to practice. The Annual match, Notts Colts v Yorkshire Colts will be played this year at Barnsley.

Out Matches have been arranged with MCC and Ground and Worcestershire. Home and Home Matches have been arranged with Sussex, Kent, Gloucestershire, MIddlesex, Surrey, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

A Match which should be of great interest namely Notts v Australians, will be played at Trent Bridge.

Your Committee have also the pleasure of announcing the suggestions, which emanated in the first instance from Notts in regards to the arrangement and management of the England v Australia Matches, have been adopted and will undoubtedly place these Matches on a basis of perfect fairness to all English Counties. They have further the pleasure of stating that Trent Bridge Ground has been honoured by being made the venue for the first of these Matches.

With such an attractive programme before them, the Committee feel no difficulty in appealing to the supporters of cricket to come forward in increased numbers and so show appreciation of what has been attained by careful and judicious fore-through and suggestions In order to provide suitable and efficient accommodation for the Test Match, and also  to complete the improvements on the Ground, but which all who visit it will be provided with covered and seated accommodation, your Committee have accepted plans and contracts for these various improvements, which are to be completed by April 15th next. The works were commenced in the early part of December, there being no time to be lost and at the present moment are progressing rapidly. The improvements consist of additional Covered Stands, a new and enlarged West Wing, new Dressing Rooms to the Pavilion (the want of such additional room being greatly needed), and a new East Wing.

The Committee are erecting a suitable Pavilion in the East Wing for ladies, hoping that it may prove a source of satisfaction to them, and increase their presence at the Matches. To enable the Team to obtain practice in Winter and the early Spring, a building for that purpose is being erected on a portion of the Bowling Green. This will be a great advantage to the players, and save them having to play in an hired room at Beeston.

The Committee regret the Bowling Green proved a failure, but they feel the erection of this building and the letting of the other portion in the Notts Football Club on an annual rental, with the prospect of their erecting Dressing Rooms thereon, a remunerative return for the return for the money expended will be obtained. The estimated cost of the whole of these erections is £4,000, which sum is to be obtained as an advance from the Nottingham and Notts. Bank.

The Committee feel they are doing great work in carrying out these improvements, and appeal to all Members of the Club for their heart approval and support. They felt that the series of Benefits having been played, the renewal of interest in cricket, the entire absence of accommodation for ladies, the suitable provision needed to make the England v Australia Match a success, and the attractive programme arranged, no better opportunity for carrying out these works could possibly present itself.

The whole matter received most careful thought and consideration, and they feel confident when all is completed that Trent Bridge Ground will be acknowledged to be one of the finest grounds in every way in the country. The Committee appeal to all who support cricket to do their utmost to increase the number of Subscribers, and make the season of 1899 the most successful in every way of any recorded in the annals of the Club.

The engagement of a Ground Staff at Trent Bridge has full proved the wisdom of its adoption, as three or four from its body played almost regularly with the Team last season, and showed promise of usefulness to the Club in teh future. The following ahve been engaged on the Staff for next season: C. E. Dench, P. Mason, J. Gunn, J. Iremonger, J. Atkinson, G Anthony, H Anthony, J Drewery and W. Henson. T. Oates has, by the consent of the Committee, accepted an engagement at Lord's.

The Committee beg to draw the attention of all young cricketers who are not subscribers to the great benefit they would derive by becoming Members, and so entitle themselves to practice at the Club and Ground nets.

Your Committee are very grateful for the kind assistance given to them by the general Members of the Club in their endeavors to increase and popularise the game, and with the additional attractions during the coming season, can confidently appeal to them for a renewal of that assistance, and also invite them to make another effort to raise the number of Subscribers to 2,000. They also wish to thank the Press for the generous treatment bestowed by them onto he Club in all its doings, and for their co-operation and assistance at all times in promoting its prosperity and advancement.

William Wright, Hon Secretary
H. Turner, Secretary

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