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1905 Team (v Australia)



The Committee’s report

Your Committee beg to present the Annual Balance Sheet and Report for 1905. The Year’s working, exclusive of the County’s share received from the Test Match, shows a profit of £128 8s. 4d., which, considering the unfortunate falling off from the gate receipts after the England v. Australian Match, must be deemed satisfactory.

The First Test Match, England v Australia, was played on the Trent Bridge Ground, and resulted in a victory for England. The total sum realized at the match was £2,904 17s. 3d., an increase of £731 os. 7d. over the amount taken at the corresponding match at Trent Bridge in 1899. The sum of £1,123 4s. 11d. has been received as the share of the Notts. County Cricket Club from the five Test Matches. Out of this sum £289 11s. 8d. has been devoted to paying off the debit balance due to the Nottingham & Notts. Bank on the General Account; £218 1s. 3d. to paying off the balance of debt on the Trent Bridge Ground account; £200 has been placed in the bank in the name of H. B. Daft and Carlin Benefit Fund (as explained in another paragraph); and the balance, amounting to £415 12s. 0d. has been placed to the credit of the Trent Bridge Extension Account.

Your Committee feel that the services rendered to the Club for several years by H. B. Daft and J. Carlin are worthy of recognition, and therefore recommend that the sum of £100 be given to each of them (as provided for above) in place of a benefit Match.

Generous contributions towards the funds of the Club of £100 each have been received from the President, Sir Thomas Birkin, Bart., and the Exors. Of the late Mr. W. W. Hall. These, and the few small contributions, amounting together to £208 4s. 0d. have been paid over to the Trent Bridge Ground Extension Account along with the balance from the Test Match. The debit balance of this account now stands at £3,021 15s. 6d. Your Committee recommend that for a proper consolidation of the Accounts the Trent Bridge Ground Extension Account should be merged into the General Account.

Of the 20 Matches played 6 were won, 7 were lost, and 7 drawn, the County occupying Tenth place in the Championship.

The Committee wish to express their appreciation of the efforts of the team, which were especially successful in the early part of the season when the fielding was exceptionally good. They also desire to thank Mr. Jones who by his hard work and example always did his best to promote the success of the team.

The Club and Ground Matches proved of interest and value in trying the abilities of young players all over the County. Twenty-nine of these Matches were played, of which 23 were won, 1 lost and 5 drawn. Several changes which it is hoped will increase its efficiency have been made in the Ground Staff for 1906.

The Committee regret that an old established fixture, Notts. Colts v Yorkshire Colts has been abandoned on account of Yorkshire having entered their Second Team in the Minor Counties Championship and consequently feeling unable to continue the Match. The Committee have also been unable to arrange the usual fixtures with Kent for the coming season, and in their place home and home matches will be played with the neighbouring County of Northamptonshire.

The following fixtures have been arranged for next season. A Colts Match on Easter Monday; a Match, Amateurs v. Professionals on August Bank Holiday; a Match versus M.C.C. at Lords; one versus West Indians at Trent Bridge; and home and home fixtures with the following Counties – Yorkshire, Lancashire, Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Sussex, Gloucestershire, Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Northamptonshire.

W. WRIGHT, Hon. Secretary.
H. TURNER, Secretary.

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